Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Enchanted Evening

I'll never forget the first time I saw him. Cheesy as it may sound, we first met online. He wasn't my normal type at all; no, as you all know by now I'm a "tall, blond and handsome" type. From Luke Skywalker, to Stormy Cowitt as Prince Charming in the Stroud High School play, all the way down to Mr. Big Prize-I love me some tall blonds. But not this time, oh no, this time I fell head over heals in love with a red-head, and nothing could have been further from the norm. There was something special about this man, with his red scruffy hair giving him a 'devil may care' look. His body was lean, and his legs just a bit too long, both speaking of a rough life filled with hard knocks. He had golden brown eyes that spoke of warm nights spent snuggling at home, or out on some reckless adventure that only a bad boy like he could really talk me into. We arranged a meeting, at his ranch no less. As I pulled down the long drive up to his barn I could see him, regarding me with a guarded but hopeful gaze. It was a cold, grey, windy day, but nothing could keep me from meeting this enigmatic soul who had captured my heart before we'd exchanged our first kiss. Finally, my car rolled to a stop and I exited and began striding toward him, heart beating wildly. Finally I reached his side, and he greeted me by promptly rolling over and offering me his belly to scratch. What else can a man do when tethered to a tire?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the man who stole my heart from Mr. Big Prize, Atticus Finch:

Seriously, can you blame me for sleeping with him the very night we met???

In all seriousness, Atticus is the newest member of the Berry clan, and Mr.Big Prize is just as head over heels as I am. He's a precious boy, who really had a rough start of it, but thanks to the GREAT people at JP Ranch and Rescue in Atkins Arkansas got a second chance at life. Peggy and Jimmy Kirby are to heroes in my book, who have dedicated their lives to saving the lives of animals.They are the kind of people I want to be when I grow up. Surrenders and strays have food, shelter and someone to care for them until they find a forever home.

Peggy and Jimmy need your help. They lost everything they own in the tornado that hit their once beautiful ranch in 2008. Since then they have spent nearly every penny of their insurance money providing food, shelter and medical care for the average 100+ animals in their care. You can see photos of just how much that tornado took from them at www.jpranchandrescue.org. Beyond that, Peggy has been diagnosed with cancer-but still she works day in and day out providing love and care for those less fortunate. Hundreds of dogs and cats who would have otherwise been euthenized are saved and adopted into loving homes thanks to Peggy's huge heart and dedication.

Won't you stop by www.jpranchandrescue.org and donate to their cause? You have no idea how much they need your help. And you never know, you might just meet the man of your dreams there too...


Mandy B said...

Cute name and sweet story. I hope I get to meet him soon next time you guys go out of town. :)

Laine Berry said...

Oh you will Mandy-and he's a GREAT bed sleeper!